Staff Xmas Party


On 18th December, RACOM staff once again gathered to share some time together and celebrate another successful year. It is always enjoyable for staff from RACOM Slovakia, the SMT facility in Blansko, our Mechanical production facility and departments from Head Office to have the opportunity to meet in relaxing surroundings and share some quality time together; the family traditions of our company still hold strong.

During the celebrations various members of staff were honoured for long service, amongst them three colleagues who have been with RACOM for 20 years. Our HR Director noted that every year the number of long service awards increases, in part due to the growth of the company, but also due to the loyalty shown to the company by our staff.

The CEO delivered his customary annual review of company performance to ensure all colleagues are kept up to date with our progress. This year’s review took the form of a presentation. Jiri described some of the more interesting applications that use our products; a full list can be seen on our website. Each department was thanked personally for their contribution to RACOM’s overall success and humorous illustrations were used to describe parts of the company’s business. In keeping with the relaxed mood of his audience, Jiri also chose to list some of the more interesting statistics from RACOM’s performance in 2015 such as the number of e-mails and phone calls sent, the number of hits and page views on our website, the distance travelled to bring our products to the market, the amount of data storage on our servers and even the 200 kg of coffee consumed over the year!

After the formal toast, everyone relaxed to enjoy the food and drink provided, the live music and dancing [to burn off some of those calories] and the opportunity to share stories and have a laugh.

RACOM realizes the importance of such events and colleagues also appreciate the opportunities these occasions offer. Now we must all wait and look forward to the summer barbecue but before then, smaller groups have a family trip to the planetarium in Brno and a go kart meeting to look forward to.

Wishing everyone a happy festive season and successful year ahead.

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