Holiday season


At the end of 2017, we promised that 2018 would be a special year. One year on and feedback suggests it has indeed been a special year.

During 2018, the RACOM family introduced our new ‘babies’ to the world; each of our flagship product ranges has had a new model added to the portfolio. In the case of M!DGE2 it will, in time, replace the previous model. RipEX2 and RAy3 however, will complement existing models in the family while adding new and exciting features to extend the capability of these products.

At first glance these may simply appear to be large improvements in the chassis, data speed and bandwidth. But true to RACOM’s philosophy, look a little deeper into the technical specification of these products and you will see hardware and software innovation that will ensure these products still offer cutting edge technology in years to come.

None of this would be possible without the close cooperation and open relationship we share with partners, distributors, customers and suppliers alike, many of whom provide input that help us shape these new products.

A big thank you from the RACOM family to everyone for sharing your experiences.

And of course we made sure that older siblings, too, were supported in their development. RipEX received a substantial firmware upgrade to support easy expansion of existing networks and more efficient data transmissions whilst RAy Tools continue to evolve to make it ever easier to plan, set up and configure RAy links.

Despite all this hard work we do not rest on our laurels. As highlighted at our Global Partner’s meeting, there are many features which are part of the road map for each product; some that we know are essential to the general development of the product and others which are feasible but would need to be commercially justified before we could vindicate the work required to turn them into a reality. And development work on future models is already underway to ensure continued growth of each of our product lines.

And thanks again to the dedicated work of our partners, penetrating their own markets. With their willingness to facilitate three way communications between RACOM, the partner and their end customers, we have managed to win prestigious projects in influential markets for all of our products. These include substantial projects in water and electricity distribution and dedicated projects for government agencies that will positively influence decisions made by other utility companies in these regions.

Without the quality of partners enjoyed by RACOM, this would not be possible.
A huge thank you to all partners for your continued support :-)

On other fronts we have established Zebra PCB, a joint venture with Gatema; both RACOM and Gatema are high tech manufacturers. As a result, Zebra PCB will focus on delivery of high-tech prototypes and smaller series of high-density multi-layer PCB with high numbers of different components.

Looking forward to 2019, the order book is in a healthy state, we continue to increase the number of markets where our products are supporting the world’s population, our staffing numbers continue to grow and market feedback confirms RACOM is on a strong footing.

Wishing everyone a happy time over the holiday season and a prosperous 2019.

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