Getting started


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Getting started

MG102i Wireless Routers will only operate reliably over the cellular network if there is a strong signal. For many applications a flexible stub antenna would be suitable but in some circumstances it may be necessary to use a remote antenna with an extension cable to allow the antenna itself to be positioned so as to provide the best possible signal reception. RACOM can supply a range of suitable antennas.

  1. Install the SIM card
    Insert a SIM card into the SIM socket. Make sure the SIM is enabled for data transmission.

  2. Connect the GSM/UMTS antenna
    Fit a GSM/UMTS antenna. If needed, contact RACOM for suitable antennas and other details.

  3. Connect the LAN cable
    Connect one MG102i Ethernet port to your computer using an Eth cat.5 cable

  4. Connect the power supply
    Connect the power supply wires to the MG102i screw terminals. Enable the power supply.

  5. Setting of IP address of the connected computer
    By default the DHCP server is enabled, thus you can allow the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) on your computer to lease an IP address from the MG102i. Wait approximately 20 seconds until your computer has received the parameters (IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS server).
    As an alternative. you can configure a static IP address on your PC (e.g. so that it is operating in the same subnet as the MG102i. The MG102i default IP address for first Eth interface is, the subnet mask is

  6. Start setting up using web browser
    Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. In the address field of the web browser, enter default IP address of MG102i (i.e.; initial screen will appear. Follow the instructions and use the MG102i Web Manager to configure the device. For more details see Chapter 7, Web Configuration.

Router MG102i UMTS and MG102i LTE

Fig. 1: Router MG102i UMTS and MG102i LTE

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