• 5 port Ethernet switch / router
  • 2× SIM / twin module available
  • Extended temperature range
  • Vibration and shock hardened
  • Failover for fixed line
  • SCADA protocols
  • Extended input voltage range
  • GPS receiver with NTP server
  • SDK – software development kit

MG102i wireless router securely and wirelessly connects two private networks/sites (e.g. Remote LAN and company Intranet) via public mobile networks and the Internet. The benefits of such Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are flexibility, security, cost-effectiveness and convenience.

MG102i is a GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA router and enables fast and secure data transmission between two sites. For the establishment of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) two different technologies are supported: IPsec and OpenVPN. For simple applications the use of Dynamic DNS or fixed IP addressing can replace the need of a VPN.

Multiple devices can directly be attached to the MG102i thanks to the integrated 5 port Ethernet switch/router. The dual SIM feature guarantees best availability of network connections. MG102i Software is based on well proven components including an Embedded Linux operating system and standard communication protocols.

The NTP server with GPS time allows precise time synchronisation in each remote location.

The addressed SCADA and telemetry serial protocols can by efficiently used over GSM networks. The MG102i Terminal server can communicate with a RACOM central device equipped with serial protocols, e.g. a RipEX. A hybrid network, where individual RTUs are connected either via MG102i (GSM) or via RipEX (UHF radio) to the same centre, is possible as well.

MG102i is a new product that extends HW and SW functionality of previous MG102 and is fully SW compatible with M!DGE routers.


  • Mobile connection LTE, HSPA+, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS and GSM
  • Global connectivity
  • Transparent hand-over between 2G, 3G and 4G
  • Input voltage: 12 – 48 VDC (-15%/+20%)
  • Max. power consumption 5 W / 10 W (for double module unit)
  • Fallback Management
  • Connection supervisor
  • Automatic connection recovery
  • OpenVPN (client, server), IPsec, PPTP, Mobile IP
  • DHCP server, DNS proxy server, DNS update agent
  • Telnet server, SSH server, Web server
  • NTP client and NTP server with GPS time
  • COM server
  • Firewall, SMS Routing and Filtering, NAPT
  • SMS router and firewall
  • SDK – programmable scripts
  • Dial-in
  • Redundancy
  • Voice Gateway (option)
  • 5 port Ethernet switch 10/100 Base-T, Auto MDX, 5×RJ45 connector
  • RS232 DCE interface, 3 pins on the 13-pin terminal block
  • 2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs
  • USB Host Interface


  • Modbus, IEC101, DNP3, Comli, DF1, RP570, Siemens 3964(R) and others
  • Serial SCADA protocol addresses are mapped to IP addresses


  • TCP(UDP) protocols (e.g. IEC104, DNP3/TCP, etc.) are handled transparently
  • Web interface, CLI available
  • File configuration
  • OTA SW update
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • SMS remote control, SMS and E-mail notification
  • SNMP v.1, v.2c, v.3


Mobile Interface UMTS 3G – WCDMA, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+: B1(2100), B2(1900), B5(850), B8(900)
2G – GPRS, EDGE, GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900
Data rates: max. 14.4 Mbps downlink / 5.76 Mbps uplink
Mobile Interface LTE 4G – LTE: B1(2100), B2(1900), B3(1800), B5(850), B7(2600), B8(900), B20(800), all bands with diversity
3G – WCDMA, HSPA, HSPA+: B1(2100), B2(1900), B5(850), B8(900), all bands with diversity
2G – GPRS, EDGE, GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900
Data rates up to 100 Mbps downlink / 50 Mbps uplink (DC-HSPA+ 42/5.76)
SIM slots 2 Mini-SIM ISO/IEC 7810:2003, ID-000
Ethernet Switch 5 Port Ethernet Switch 10/100 BaseTX, auto MDX
Serial Interface 1× RS232 DCE interface 3 pins on the 13-pin terminal block
Digital I/O 2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, 8 pins on the 13-pin terminal block
USB USB Host Interface, connector type USB A
Antenna Interface 1× GSM (2× LTE), GPS, 2× Wi-Fi
Impedance: 50 Ω
Plug: SMA female
GPS passive or active
Power Supply Input voltage: 12 to 48 V DC (-15 % /+20 % ,10,2–57,6 V DC)
Max. power consumption: Rx max. 1.9 W
Tx max. 6 W
Environmental Conditions For indoor use only, IP40
Temperature range:
UMTS/WLAN -25 °C to +70 °C (-13 to +158°F)
LTE -25 °C to +60 °C (-13 to +140°F)
Humidity: 0 to 95 % (non condensing)
Vibration and shock hardening
Dimensions 190 W × 104 D × 40 H mm (7.48 × 4.09 × 1.57 in)
Weight ca. 610 g (1.35 lbs)
Approval CE, FCC
3G or LTE model
GPS SW key Integrated GPS receiver with NMEA0183 data stream
Supported passive or active GPS antenna, SMA female connector
WLAN Integrated Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n client, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n server for max. 128 clients
Antenna SMA female, antenna diversity
Voice Gateway SW key VoIP to GSM gateway
Mobile IP SW key Mobile IP VPN tunnel
VPN Server SW key expansion SW key from 11 to 25 OpenVPN clients
Antennas Various antennas available suitable for your application
DIN Rail DIN rail bracket



  • DIN rail mounting kit
  • Heavy duty 3rd party products, tested in all environments
  • Recommended by RACOM:


Datasheet MG102i mg102i-ds-en.pdf1 421 kB18.06.2013
router - Operating manual
mg102i-man-en.pdf4 458 kB08.12.2017
Application note – M!DGE/MG102i midge-app-en.pdf205 kB07.12.2017
MG102i - firmware
Firmware MG102i mg102i-fw- 331 kB02.03.2018
List of changes in FW 4.0.40 mg102i-fw-rn-en.pdf403 kB02.03.2018
Antenna GPS Active 3-5V, 5 m, magnetic, SMA connector ANT-GPS-MS-SMA.pdf216 kB30.10.2003
Antenna GPS passive + GSM/UMTS, 5 m, SMA connectors ANT-GSM-GPS-PAS2.pdf243 kB16.12.2011
Antenna GSM/UMTS, 5 dBi, 3 m, SMA connector ANT-GSM-M5-300.pdf249 kB19.11.2012
Antenna GSM/UMTS, 9 dBi, 3 m, SMA connector, magnetic ANT-GSM-MG9S.pdf339 kB16.11.2011
Antenna LTE/UMTS/GSM, 2,0 dBi, 3 m, SMA connector ANT-LTE-W1.pdf64 kB04.12.2012
Stick antenna 90°, GSM/UMTS, 2 dBi, 3 m, SMA connector ANT-GSM-RAO.pdf241 kB24.09.2013
MG102i firmware archive  
Firmware MG102i (GPS rollover fix, no Protocol server) mg102i-fw- 439 kB13.02.2020
List of changes in FW 4.3.40 mg102i-fw-rn-en.pdf186 kB04.03.2020  
Firmware MG102i – img file mg102i-fw- 497 kB28.02.2017
Firmware MG102i – img file mg102i-fw- 522 kB05.05.2017
Firmware MG102i – img file mg102i-fw- 536 kB06.08.2017
Firmware MG102i – img file mg102i-fw- 325 kB24.11.2017
Firmware MG102i – img file mg102i-fw- 331 kB02.03.2018
List of changes in FW 4.0.40 mg102i-fw-rn-en.pdf403 kB02.03.2018  
Firmware MG102i – img file MG102i-fw- 985 kB23.06.2015
Firmware MG102i – img file MG102i-fw- 006 kB11.08.2015
Firmware MG102i – img file MG102i-fw- 021 kB02.11.2015
Firmware MG102i – img file MG102i-fw- 029 kB01.02.2016
Firmware MG102i – img file MG102i-fw- 040 kB04.03.2016
Firmware MG102i – img file MG102i-fw- 086 kB22.08.2016
Firmware MG102i – img file MG102i-fw- 094 kB14.11.2016
Firmware MG102i – img file mg102i-fw- 117 kB14.02.2017
Firmware MG102i – img file mg102i-fw- 118 kB05.05.2017
Firmware MG102i – img file mg102i-fw- 147 kB02.03.2018
List of changes in FW 3.8.40 mg102i-fw-rn-en.pdf301 kB02.03.2018  
Firmware MG102i – img file MG102i-FW- 629 kB16.05.2014
Firmware MG102i – img file MG102i-FW- 637 kB07.08.2014
Firmware MG102i – img file MG102i-FW- 707 kB02.12.2014
Firmware MG102i – img file MG102i-FW- 711 kB31.01.2015
Firmware MG102i – img file MG102i-FW- 714 kB11.05.2015
Firmware MG102i – img file MG102i-FW- 813 kB02.03.2018
List of changes in FW 3.7.40 List of changes in FW 3.7.40.pdf252 kB02.03.2018  
Firmware MG102i – img file MG102i-FW- 852 kB21.11.2013
Firmware MG102i – img file MG102i-FW- 856 kB08.01.2014
List of changes in FW 3.6.41 List of changes in FW 3.6.41.pdf6 kB15.01.2014  
Datasheet MG102i MG102i_data.pdf564 kB04.04.2013
Datasheet MG102i – anglicky MG102i_data-cz.pdf564 kB04.04.2013
Firmware MG102i – img file MG102i-FW- 180 kB04.09.2013
Firmware MG102i – img file MG102i-FW- 174 kB10.12.2013
Firmware MG102i – img file MG102i-FW- 223 kB13.02.2014
List of changes in FW 3.6 List of changes in FW 3.6.pdf283 kB18.03.2014
Archived models - MG101, MG102  
Datasheet MG102 MG102_data.pdf466 kB12.09.2012
Declaration of Conformity mg102-d-en.pdf45 kB14.10.2011
Firmware MG102 - zip file MG102- 958 kB27.08.2012
Firmware MG102 - zip file MG102- 958 kB20.11.2012
Firmware MG102 - zip file MG102- 097 kB09.04.2015
M!DGE, MG102 – GPRS/EDGE/UMTS router – uživatelský manuál midge_mg102-qs-cz.pdf533 kB23.11.2011
MG101, MG102 – GPRS/EDGE/UMTS routers – User manual (eng) mg101-102-m-en.pdf2 154 kB10.09.2009
MG101, MG102 – GPRS/EDGE/UMTS routers – uživatelský manuál (cz) mg102-m-cz.pdf2 264 kB03.12.2010
MG102 - Dimensions mg102-mechanical-dim.pdf293 kB03.12.2010
MG102 - Leták česky MG102_data_A4_cz.pdf481 kB11.04.2012
MG102, M!DGE – GPRS/EDGE/UMTS routers – Operating manual midge_mg102-m-en.pdf3 229 kB17.12.2012
Production code mg102_znac_a.pdf14 kB11.09.2012
Quick Start – M!DGE/MG102 – Wireless Router midge_mg102-qs-en.pdf547 kB16.11.2011
Release notes release_notes_MG102.pdf56 kB02.10.2012

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