Safety, environment, licensing


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10. Safety, environment, licensing

10.1. Safety instructions

The M!DGE/MG102i Wireless Router must be used in compliance with any and all applicable international and national laws and in compliance with any special restrictions regulating the utilization of the communication module in prescribed applications and environments.

To prevent possible injury to health and damage to appliances and to ensure that all the relevant provisions have been complied with, use only the original accessories. Unauthorized modifications or utilization of accessories that have not been approved may result in the termination of the validity of the guarantee.

The M!DGE/MG102i Wireless Routers must not be opened. Only the replacement of the SIM card is permitted.

Voltage at all connectors of the communication module is limited to SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) and must not be exceeded.

For use with certified (CSA or equivalent) power supply, which must have a limited and SELV circuit output. The M!DGE/MG102i is designed for indoor use only. Do not expose the communication module to extreme ambient conditions. Protect the communication module against dust, moisture and high temperature.

We remind the users of the duty to observe the restrictions concerning the utilization of radio devices at petrol stations, in chemical plants or in the course of blasting works in which explosives are used. Switch off the communication module when traveling by plane.

When using the communication module in close proximity of personal medical devices, such as cardiac pacemakers or hearing aids, you must proceed with heightened caution.

If it is in the proximity of TV sets, radio receivers and personal computers, M!DGE/MG102i Wireless Router may cause interference.

It is recommended that you should create an approximate copy or backup of all the important settings that are stored in the memory of the device.

You must not work at the antenna installation during a lightning.

Always keep a distance bigger than 40cm from the antenna in order to keep your exposure to electromagnetic fields below the legal limits. This distance applies to Lambda/4 and Lambda/2 antennas. Larger distances apply for antennas with higher gain.

Adhere to the instructions documented in this user’s manual.

10.2. RoHS and WEEE compliance

The M!DGE/MG102i is fully compliant with the European Commission‟s RoHS (Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) environmental directives).

Restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS)

The RoHS Directive prohibits the sale in the European Union of electronic equipment containing these hazardous substances: lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs), and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs).

End-of-life recycling programme (WEEE)

In accordance with the requirements of the council directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electronical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), ensure that at end-of-life you separate this product from other waste and scrap and deliver it to the WEEE collection system in your country for recycling.

10.3. EU Declaration of Conformity

EU Declaration of Conformity

Fig. 10.1: EU Declaration of Conformity

10.4. Country of Origin

Country of Origin declaration

Fig. 10.2: Country of Origin declaration

10.5. Warranty

RACOM-supplied parts or equipment (“equipment”) is covered by warranty for inherently faulty parts and workmanship for a warranty period as stated in the delivery documentation from the date of dispatch to the customer. The warranty does not cover custom modifications to software. During the warranty period RACOM shall, on its option, fit, repair or replace (“service”) faulty equipment, always provided that malfunction has occurred during normal use, not due to improper use, whether deliberate or accidental, such as attempted repair or modification by any unauthorised person; nor due to the action of abnormal or extreme environmental conditions such as overvoltage, liquid immersion or lightning strike.

Any equipment subject to repair under warranty must be returned by prepaid freight to RACOM direct. The serviced equipment shall be returned by RACOM to the customer by prepaid freight. If circumstances do not permit the equipment to be returned to RACOM, then the customer is liable and agrees to reimburse RACOM for expenses incurred by RACOM during servicing the equipment on site. When equipment does not qualify for servicing under warranty, RACOM shall charge the customer and be reimbursed for costs incurred for parts and labour at prevailing rates.

This warranty agreement represents the full extent of the warranty cover provided by RACOM to the customer, as an agreement freely entered into by both parties.

RACOM warrants the equipment to function as described, without guaranteeing it as befitting customer intent or purpose. Under no circumstances shall RACOM’s liability extend beyond the above, nor shall RACOM, its principals, servants or agents be liable for any consequential loss or damage caused directly or indirectly through the use, misuse, function or malfunction of the equipment, always subject to such statutory protection as may explicitly and unavoidably apply hereto.

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