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9. Troubleshooting

9.1. Common errors

With GPRS/UMTS connection (even if GSM signal is good enough) following Errors are common:

SIM missing

Check the SIM card status in the INTERFACES → SIMs menu, turn off the unit, insert/re-insert the SIM card and power up the unit again

PIN code required

Insert the correct PIN code in the INTERFACES → SIMs → Configuration menu

Connection not established or failed

See the SYSTEM → Troubleshooting → System Debugging output for any errors/warnings

9.2. Messages

The Web Manager displays messages in the status bar in the footer of a web page.

There are three levels:


The action was performed successfully.


Warning – please consider the information.


Error – command was not performed, typically with recommended action which is required before the possible successful action.

9.3. Troubleshooting tools

9.3.1. Pinger

Connection from the M!DGE/MG102i router can be checked using the built-in pinger available in the SYSTEM → Troubleshooting → Network Debugging menu.

The traceroute command is available in the same menu for tracing the packets from the M!DGE/MG102i router to the Host.

9.3.2. Log Files

Information about boot-up process and about running processes can be found in the Linux-like Log files, see the SYSTEM→ Troubleshooting → System Debugging menu.

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