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1. Installation and Documentation

Due to security requirements and the mission-critical nature of the monitoring server, we believe UNIX is the only operating system that can consistently deliver the necessary performance, fault tolerance and resilience.

Zabbix has been tested on the following platforms:

  • Linux


  • FreeBSD

  • NetBSD

  • Open BSD

  • HP-UX

  • Mac OS X

  • Solaris

  • Windows: all desktop and server versions since XP (Zabbix agent only)

For further details, visit Zabbix Documentation at It contains a large body of information about installation steps, configuration, performance etc. If you are unsure how to proceed with any task, refer to the Zabbix documentation first. You can find an installation guide there, too.

This Guide does not present all Zabbix settings, but should help you incorporate the RAy2 SNMP functionality into the Zabbix software.


The following guide requires the use of MySQL database in Zabbix. If you choose other software, you will need to alter at least the trap handling bash script provided. This guide was tested in the CentOS7 and CentOS8 operating systems; some tasks may require a different approach in other systems.

1.1. Windows Installation

If you choose to use the Windows platform as the host operating system for Zabbix, then use VMware/VirtualBox software and then continue with the Zabbix Appliance. The Zabbix Appliance can be downloaded from Please remember that Zabbix Appliance is not intended for serious production use at this time.

VMware download:
VirtualBox download:
See the respective documentation to install and use virtualisation software.

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