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Appendix A. Appendix

Setting IP addresses in your PC

It is necessary to set the respective IP address in your PC for radio modem configuration, e.g. It is supposed your PC is using DHCP as a primary configuration

  • Open menu Start, Settings, Network connections, Local Area Connection

  • When window Local Area Connection Status is opened, click Properties

  • Next window is opened. Select Internet network protocol (TCP/IP) and click on Properties

  • The next window is opened

  • Select General (recomended) and choose Use the following IP address

  • Insert IP address

  • Set Subnet mask to

  • Confirm OK in this window and in the previous also

  • The automatic choice is a second possibility. Then the General uses e.g. DHCP server setting and the Alternate the IP address This works more slowly and not quite reliably.

  • Select Alternate Configuration

  • Select User configured

  • Insert IP address

  • Set Subnet mask to

  • Confirm OK in this window and in the previous also

When you are not using Windows XP follow the instructions in your manual for setting the IP address.

IP address check in PC

While using Windows, proceed e.g. like this:

  1. Click menu Start, Run…

  2. Write the command cmd

  3. Write ipconfig and read the IP address in PC and the mask:

Check the connection PC – radiomodem using Ping

While using Windows, Ping is executed like this:

  1. Check the connection between your PC and radio modem via the Ethernet cable.

  2. Click menu Start, Run…

  3. Write the command cmd

  4. Write ping and press OK

  5. A window will appear with a message:

    When communication doesn’t work properly you will get a Timeout expired message.

If the communication between web browser and radiomodem does not work although, check the browser setting. In the menu File there is the item Work offline which must not be marked off.

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