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Appendix B. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1.42008-03-26 

First edition

Revision 1.52008-04-18 

First start of radio modem — prevent start of two RE400 in default state together, they both use IP address

Revision 1.62008-04-22 

Table of Technical Parameters — output power, data rate, power consumption.
Labelling of Radio Modems — frequencies

Revision 1.72008-05-15 

Radio modem configuration — Radio – Repeated packets, RS232 – MTU parameter

Revision 1.82008-08-24 

Revision history attached

Revision 1.92008-09-24 

New design of user menu
Firmware upgrade – bootloader
Consistency declaration added
Appendix – Setting IP addresses in PC – fixed address recomended

Revision 1.102008-11-05 

Firmware 2.1.x.x is not compatible with 2.0.x.x, see Fragmentation
Repeater parameters, Number of repeaters and their default states changed

Diagnostic information in the Error log
Updated for fw version

Revision 1.112009-03-18 

Added possibility to supply using the REPWR Adaptor or passive PoE Injektor + their pictures.

Revision 1.122009-03-30 

Complete and detailed table of technical parameters
Complete table of production code

Revision 1.132009-06-18 

Note to admin laws at download
Minor corrections to version

Revision 1.142009-12-23 

Data check in RFC

Revision 1.152013-06-25 

RE450 removed from production code

Revision 1.162017-06-13 

Sales restrictions after 2017-06-13

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