Table of Technical Parameters


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4. Table of Technical Parameters

Tab. 4.1: Technical parameters

Frequency rangeRE400: 373.25–484 MHz
Channel bandwith25 kHz or 12.5 kHz or 6.25 kHz *
Frequency step5 kHz or 6.25 kHz
Method of setting working frequencysoftware
Rx/Tx switching time< 1.5 ms
Data security on RF channel32 bit CRC
Receiver sensitivity for BER 10-3better than -107 dBm
Output power software adjustableLow0.5 W
High2 W
Data rate in RF channel2.6 kbps in 6.25 kHz channel *
5.2 kbps in 12.5 kHz channel
10.4 kbps in 25 kHz channel
InterfacesEthernet, RS232
Antenna connectorSMA
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)>100 000 hodin
Power methodAUXPoE
Power supply10.8–30 V (nomin. 13.8 V)38–57 V
Power consumption (cca)Idle state (Rx)430 mA/13.8  V145 mA/48 V
Low power Tx700 mA/13.8  V230 mA/48 V
High power Tx950 mA/13.8  V310 mA/48 V
Operating temperature range-25 až +55 °C
Storage temperature range-35 až +85 °C
Case dimensions137 × 96 × 31 mm
Weight0.3 kg

* Channel spacing 6.25 kHz is not approved under EU rules.

Tab. 4.2: Standards complied with

Radio parametersETSI EN 300 113-2 V 1.6.1
EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)ETSI EN 301 489-1 V1.6.1
Electrical safetyCENELEC EN 60 950 ed.2:2006; EN 50 385; EN 50 383

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