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3. Connectors

3.1. Antenna

Antenna connector SMA

Fig. 3.1: Antenna connector SMA

There is an SMA-jack antenna connector on the radio modem panel. Use only the respective type of connector of the respective impedance on your antenna cable : SMA-plug, 50 Ω. It is recommended to use antenna coaxial cables like this: RG58 up to 10m, RG213 up to 25m, H1000 for longer.


A radio modem may be destroyed if an antenna or dummy load antenna is not connected.

3.2. Serial interface

RS232 DSUB9 female

Fig. 3.2: RS232 DSUB9 female

Tab. 3.1: RS232

DSUB9F pinsignal

3.3. Ethernet interface


Fig. 3.3: RJ-45F

  • Ethernet connector RJ-45 for 10BaseT and 100BaseT fully matches the standard of Power over Ethernet IEEE802.3af.

  • The radio modem recognizes a standard or crossed cable and adapts itself automatically.

3.4. Power supply

There are 2 possibilities for the power supply:

  • AUX – via RS232 DSUB9 connector, using pins 5 and 9 (see Section 3.2, “Serial interface”). Voltage 10.5-30 V, nominal 13.8 V.

    To connect the power supply via RS232 connector, can be used REPWR adaptor.

  • PoE – via Ethernet connector RJ-45 using PoE standard IEEE802.3af. Voltage 38-57 V. Common version of supplying:
         plus to pins 4+5
         minus to pins 7+8
         the polarity can be inverted also
    For other options with PoE adapter see the standard IEEE802.3af.

    To connect the power supply via Ethernet connector, can be used Passive PoE injektor.


Only ONE of the above power supply options can be used !

Examples and details in Chapter 6, Radio modem installation.

3.5. Indication LEDs

Appearance of radio modem

Fig. 3.4: Appearance of radio modem

Key to LEDs

  • Yellow – AUX (power via RS232)

  • Green – PoE (power via Ethernet)

  • Red – transmitting

  • Green – RF sync

  • Yellow – there is a signal stronger than -80 dBm on RF channel (or transmitting proceeds)

  • Yellow – connected with 100 Mb/s speed

  • Yellow flashing – data transfer with speed of 100 Mb/s

  • Green – connected with 10 Mb/s speed

  • Green flashing – data transfer with speed of 10 Mb/s

  • Green – data receiving

  • Yellow – data transmitting

  • status of operating system:

  • Green flashing with period 2 sec ON, 1 sec OFF – main mode

  • Yellow flashing with period 1 sec ON, 1 sec OFF – Service mode

  • Yellow flashing with period 0.2 sec ON, 0.2 sec OFF – Bootloader mode

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