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6. Troubleshooting

For trouble with individual RipEX units please refer to RipEX User Manual Chap. 9. Troubleshooting

  1. The switch-over works, but the Eth connection starts working with some delay

    – Check if MAC addresses are really identical for both active and inactive units

  2. Automatic switch-over does not take place:

    – Make sure that A or B mode is not used, Auto or Auto Toggle mode has to be used.

  3. The switch-over takes place due to problems with powering but not if a problem with RipEX unit occurs

    – check the setting of alarms and thresholds for both RipEX units with focus to the specific problem

  4. The switch-over takes place even if it is not required

    – check the Diagnostic part of Status menu, eventually Graphs, check if the thresholds and alarms used are in accordance with type of network used – for details see Section 5.3, “Alarm settings”.

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