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5. CLI Commands

CLI interface (Command Line Interface) is an alternative to web access. You can work with the CLI interface in text mode using an appropriate client, either SSH (putty) or Telnet.

Please see more details in RipEX Manual.

See the Nomadic CLI commands:

  • cli_status_nomad_show

    • Display status of Nomadic mode

      Status of Nomadic mode:
      Mode: remote
      State: connected
      Measured Base stations:
        Radio address:  RSS: 89dBm  DQ: 223  Age: 293s  Flag:
        Radio address:  RSS: 59dBm  DQ: 215  Age: 293s  Flag: selected
  • cli_cnf_show_nomad

    • Display configuration of Nomadic mode

      CLI(admin):~$ cli_cnf_show_nomad
      Nomadic mode: Remote (r)
      Protocol message repeats: 2
      Remote - Base quality samples: 3
      Remote - Base seek slots: 8
      Remote - Base refresh period: 3600 s
      Remote - Base re-seek ratio: 24
      Remote - Dead Base detection timeout: 120 s
      Remote - Backward routing mode: Automatic (a)
  • cli_cnf_show_nomad_backrts

    • Display backward routes of Nomadic mode

      CLI(admin):~$ cli_cnf_show_nomad_backrts
      Backward routes:
      1. Destination IP:    Destination mask: 24    Note:     Rule active: On (n)
  • cli_cnf_show_nomad_bases

    • Display list of Base stations of Nomadic mode

      CLI(admin):~$ cli_cnf_show_nomad_bases
      Base stations:
      1. IP address:    Note: Base1 ETH    Item is active: On (n)
      2. IP address:    Note: Base2 Radio    Item is active: On (n)
  • cli_cnf_set_nomad_backrts

    • Change backward routes of Nomadic mode


  • cli_cnf_set_nomad_bases

    • Change list of Base stations of Nomadic mode


  • cli_nomad_force_seek

    • Force Base station Seek in Nomadic mode (Remote)


  • cli_nomad_reject_remotes

    • Disconnect all locally connected Remotes in Nomadic mode (Base or Center)


  • cli_cnf_set_nomad

    • Change configuration of Nomadic mode


Run the CLI command with -h parameter for particular command options.

5.1. CLI-Only Configuration Parameters

Several advanced parameters can be configured via CLI only.


Protocol message timeout

  • Default = 5 s [0.1 – 25.5]

  • Timeout for messages sent to Base

  • Command example: “cli_cnf_set_nomad -msg-tout 10”


Protocol message timeout

  • Default = 5 s [0.1 – 25.5]

  • Timeout for messages sent to Center. Service packet keeping the connection is sent after this timeout if there is no other communication running.

  • Command example: “cli_cnf_set_nomad -msg-tout 10”

Reconnection speedup

  • Default = 1 [1 no speedup – 15 max. speedup]

  • The “Center refresh period” value is divided by this parameter to speedup reconnection.

  • Command example: “cli_cnf_set_nomad -bs-speedup 2”


Base seek slots

  • Default = 8 [3 – 32]

  • Defines time period (measured in slots) to wait for Base response while searching for Base with the best signal. Higher number equals lower collision probability.

  • Command example: “cli_cnf_set_nomad -seek-slots 12”

Base re-seek ratio

  • Default = 24 [4 – 2047]

  • Used to set time period between searches to establish Base station with the best signal strength instead of just current Base station verification.

  • By default, one “Base refresh period” is 3600 seconds and this “base re-seek ratio” is 24, i.e. Seek Base stations once a day.

  • Command example: “cli_cnf_set_nomad -rsk-ratio 48”

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