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Revision History

Revision History

This manual was prepared to cover a specific version of firmware code. Accordingly, some screens and features may differ from the actual unit you are working with. While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, product improvements may also result in minor differences between the manual and the product shipped to you.


Revision 1.12011-08-31 

First issue

Revision 1.22011-12-31 

PoE is not supported in RipEX from 1.1.2012, so all information about PoE has been removed.

Revision 1.32011-01-26 

Added information about Monitoring Upgraded information about Terminal servers (IP port dynamical changes support)
New serial SCADA protocols – RP570, C24 Melsec, ITT Flygt, Cactus

Revision 1.42012-07-11 

Added information about RipEX-HS, Hot Standby unit.
Upgraded chapters: Technical specification, Model offerings, Accessories, Safety distance, Advanced Configuration

Revision 1.52013-04-29 

Added information about new features: Backup routes, TCP proxy, ARP proxy& VLAN, FW and SW keys upgrade via USB, SLIP and Siemens 3964(R) SCADA protocols
Upgraded chapters: Important Notice, Key Features, Bridge mode, Firmware update and upgrade, Technical specification, Model offerings, Accessories, Warranty, Advanced Configuration

Revision 1.62014-02-17 

Added information about new features: 50 kHz channel spacing, Wifi management, L2 firewall, Flash disc – unit configuration, ssl certificate.
Upgraded chapters: Getting started, Key Features, RipEX in detail, Product, Bench test, Technical specification, Model offerings, Accessories, Advanced Configuration

Revision 1.72014-05-30 

Added information about Country of Origin
Added chapter: Country of Origin

Revision 1.82014-11-25 

Added information about hazardous locations
Added Ex Certificates
Upgraded chapter Advanced Configuration

Revision 1.92015-01-22 

Added information about RipEX-900
Upgraded information about Ex Certificates

Revision 1.102015-02-25 

Changed information in Section 5.6, “Accessories”
Upgraded information in Country of Origin,
Vibration & shock and Seismic qualification standards

Revision 1.112015-04-28 

Added information about RipEX-200
Upgraded chapter Safety, Environment, Licensing
Added Physical security, Advanced anti-collision paremetres
Upgraded chapter Advanced Configuration

Revision 1.122015-08-28 

Upgraded chapter Advanced Configuration

Revision 1.132016-11-04 

Basic information about new features of fw 1.6

Revision 1.142016-11-06 

Information about new features of fw 1.6 incorporated:
Base driven Radio protocol
Individual link option in Flexible Radio protocol
New serial SCADA protocol – PR2000
Migration solution
Upgraded chapters: RipEX – Radio router, RipEX in detail, Network planning, Accessories, Advanced Configuration

Revision 1.152016-12-12 

Update of the firmware upgrade via USB

Revision 1.162016-12-28 

Formal adjustments in the chapter Advanced Configuration

Revision 1.172017-03-15 

Product Conformity upgraded
RipEX maintenance section added

Revision 1.182017-05-12 

Coaxial overvoltage protection added

Revision 1.192017-06-13 

EU Declaration of Conformity

Revision 1.202017-08-01 

GRE tunnels
Read-only user
Ping examples
Monitoring examples
ETH/USB adapter replaced

Revision 1.212018-01-24 

Alarm description upgraded.

Revision 1.222018-03-03 

NAT – Network Address and Port Translation
QoS – Quality of Service
Nomadic mode
EU Declaration of Conformity

Revision 1.232018-04-16 

Power supply MSU120 is no longer offered – EOL.

Revision 1.242018-05-11 

Navigation menu Device, Radio and COM protocols supplemented
Standards updated

Revision 1.252019-04-08 

EU declaration of conformity RED ver. 1.4

Revision 1.262019-05-28 

EU declaration of conformity RoHS, WEEE ver. 1.0

Revision 1.272019-08-29 

Minor changes for better readability

Revision 1.282021-04-19 

Regions added in Ordering codes