Arrow Network Systems, Ghana



  • RAy, 10,11 & 17 GHz
  • Government services
  • Backhaul links
  • B2G – Business to Government services
  • Equatorial conditions
  • Excellent Stability & Reliability
  • Long links – 24 Km

RAy backhaul links have been deployed in Ghana to provide a fast and reliable wireless radio communications service to major organisations in the country. They are helping the Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority realise its vision to be the leading trade and logistics hub of West Africa. Ghana Community Network Services Limited, an Information and Communication Technology Public-Private Partnership, is also using RAy backhaul links to fulfil its mandate to provide e-Solutions to the Ghanaian government.

Both companies found that their existing communications networks were completely unsatisfactory. During the frequent and heavy equatorial rains, communications signals were constantly being dropped, failing to meet the high demands of these blue chip companies.

As an initial stage to source a robust solution, all available technologies were considered and eventually it was decided to install Microwave links. The cost for deploying microwave is less expensive compared to other technologies, Microwave links satisfy the bandwidth requirement of the clients and the links are easy to deploy.

During the more detailed link design, the optimal Microwave unit proved to be RACOM’s RAy products. The end users were impressed with stable data speed of over 100 Mbps, network availability above 99% and easy management with the ability to setup Vlans and other modern IP functionality.

All the links that have been installed offer at least 100 Mbps speed and dependent on link length, they use 90 cm, 68cm or 40cm antennas. The longest link, using RAy -11 units covers a distance of 24 Km.

Such is the satisfaction from both end users of the level of service being provided by RACOM’s RAy microwave units that expansion of the network has been planned and is ongoing.

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