Traffic management, Czech Rep.



  • RipEX, 400 MHz & RAy, 10 GHz
  • Traffic flow management
  • RAy for backbone to base stations
  • Sleep and Save modes
  • Mixed TCP and UDP
  • Polling and Report-by-exception
  • Over 100 remote sites

Brno is the second largest city in Czech Republic and is the regional capital of Moravia. Brněnské komunikace a.s. [BKOM] was founded January 1, 1995. It is responsible for administration and maintenance of roads in the city: key responsibilities include limiting access to the old town, managing car parking facilities within the city centre and monitoring and managing traffic flows throughout the city.

RACOM has worked with BKOM since 2006, providing networks to enable controlled access for deliveries and emergency vehicles to parts of the old town using retracting bars controlled via a radio network. In 2008 the network infrastructure was extended to display availability of free parking spaces in car parks on electronic information boards.

With ever increasing numbers of vehicles on the roads, the city now experiences varying levels of traffic congestion within the city limits. Levels of congestion change constantly with no clear reason for the build up at any one time or in any one place. Monitoring and managing traffic flows would assist in provision of efficient public transport systems, assist future traffic planning and enable data to be made available for public access to provide best routes and estimated transit times across the city.

Having the opportunity of EU funding to support a directive to alleviate traffic congestion, BKOM asked RACOM for their support. Our remit was to perform a complete propagation analysis, design and implement a solution to connect over 100 traffic detectors to the control centre using SCADA networks, to include commissioning and configuring of the network.

Three RipEX star networks, each with a base station provide city wide coverage. RAy microwave links provide backhaul connectivity from base stations with the information centre.

Commenting on the schematic design chosen, Racom’s Head of Technical Support said, “The unique functionality of RipEX allows the same frequency to be shared between base stations. This enabled installation using less hardware and also reduced the number of frequencies required for efficient operation of the network.”

The installation also uses existing infrastructure, minimising installation costs and time constraints to gain planning permissions. Remote RipEX devices operate with a smart power source; mounted on street lights they operate using a Save mode offering further savings.”

Since coming into operation, BKOM representatives have noted how effective the UHF band is for penetration in urban areas and are delighted with the excellent sensitivity and robustness of connection stability shown by RipEX.

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