DPL, Lebanon



  • RAy, 11 GHz
  • WISP in Beirut
  • Extreme Middle East climatic conditions
  • Migration from 5 GHz to 11 GHz
  • Backhaul & Last mile
  • Receiver robustness = smaller antennas
  • Exceptional stability

Data Pro Links in Lebanon is an ISP providing wireless backhaul to cable operators, last mile connections to business, portable online solutions and is one of only a few Providers in Lebanon plugged directly into the world internet backbone. With an ever expanding portfolio, the company’s success created an urgent demand to rethink network configurations to meet the burdens of higher demands.

Operating on the 5GHz band, the increased demand had been causing issues with capacity, stability and latency on the links. Thorough research into the various technologies available confirmed microwave was the best solution. Further research and testing then proved RACOM provided the ideal solution providing excellent cost performance ratios.

Hitless ACM and ATPC proved very effective in protecting data speed and throughput. The receiver robustness to unwanted interference also helped improve data speed and guaranteed sensitivity allowed DPL to build longer links with smaller antennas, offering further cost savings.

Since DPL started deploying RAy microwaves they have entered into a strong phase of expansion, are increasing their market share and have achieved larger capacity and lower latency throughout their network, generating higher data speed and throughput to the more distant parts of Lebanon. DPL are also very complimentary about the levels of support they receive from RACOM. This has seldom been required due to the ease of installation and commissioning of links.

During recent discussions, Mr Bassel Nasr Eddine, Head of Telecommunications said, “The cost vs Performance ratio has proved to be outstanding. This, linked to the reliability of the equipment, further confirmed by generous warranty terms, provides conclusive evidence we have made the right choice by choosing to work with RACOM and use RAy microwave units.”

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