Jamaican Government, Jamaica



  • RAy, 11 GHz
  • National Emergency system
  • Fibre backup
  • Two-way mobile backbone
  • Government centres connectivity
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Ease of installation

The Jamaican government recently commissioned a major project to provide connectivity for a National Disaster-Emergency Two-Way Mobile Communication System. Having investigated a number of options, they realized that Microwave links were the most effective technology and after thorough testing, RAy proved to be the optimal solution for a number of reasons. Selected initially for its bandwidth, throughput, reliability and pricing, the quality of the product and ease of installation also impressed the customer.

During the final design of the network, additional functionality was added to maximize the overall efficiency of the solution and investment made:

  • The network provides broadband connectivity between the government head office and municipal councils, in places backing up fibre connections
  • For certain local government centres the backbone provides last mile connectivity for the transportation of voice, high speed data and image transmission
  • The network will additionally be used to provide interconnectivity for Traffic Lights, Camera System and Redundancy High Speed Communication and for any other demand as determined by the authority

The backbone interconnects more than Twenty-Five (25) Two-Way Radio Repeater sites and Fourteen (14) Local Government Centres.

Mr. Antonio Peterkin, distributor for RACOM in Jamaica reports there were no problems with installation and that everything functions very well with no downtime experienced.

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