ZNET Telekom, Hungary



  • RAy, 24 GHz
  • Biggest WISP in Hungary
  • Migration from 5 GHz to 24 GHz
  • Link length up to 10 km
  • Low consumption
  • Easy setup & management
  • Long warranty

Established in 2002, ZNET Telekom is now the biggest WISP in Hungary. Their core business has traditionally been to provide connectivity to the residential market. However, they are now finding their B2B involvement expanding rapidly. The commercial sector naturally places higher demands on improved SLA’s; an issue forcing ZNET to rethink their operating strategy.

Fast becoming a common problem in many territories, saturation of the 5 GHz band has been causing issues with capacity, stability and latency. Crucially, these factors are affecting acceptable levels of service to some customers.

Having fully assessed a number of microwave units in the market against key parameters, RAy 24 GHz has been selected as the optimal solution by ZNET for migration and new links based on: low consumption, resilience, best-in-market management software, long warranty period and crucially, the same hardware for both upper and lower units. Cost performance ratios also proved to be an important factor in the final decision.

ZNET are currently installing RAy 24 GHz license free links over distances up to 5 km using 68 cm antennas and 10 km using 90 cm antennas. There have been no issues with either implementation or commissioning of these links.

Indeed, ZNET’s roadmap now includes deployment of further RAy 24 GHz links and the introduction of RAy licensed products within their networks.

ZNET acknowledge that RAy solutions have become part of ZNET’s success and are providing excellent value to their customers on a daily basis.

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