FW Notes

Version Note Type Date


Firmware 7.12.2010
Recomended firmware for MG100 modems


Protocols 9.10.2010
A new Master/Slave protocol.

Sleep mode

Firmware 2.4.2010
The modem can be put into sleep state for a time specified in the service packet.

IEC 870-5-2

Protocols 21.3.2010
New Address mode 3

ARP table locking

Firmware 17.12.2009
ARP table can be locked. Ethernet can communicate with addresses written in the table only.

ART tables

Firmware 27.11.2009
The total number of items in all Art tables must not exceed 252. The individual tables should not contain more then 100 items.

Sleep mode

Firmware 24.6.2009
Sleeping time of the radiomodem (menu Ue m) is prolonged from interval 10-3600 sec to 10-86399 sec. The condition is the modem hw version 7.1 for MR or 4.1 for MW, MX (produced since 07/2009).


Firmware 27.1.2009
Fw enables the activation of data encryption in the radio channel.
The encryption is available so far in fw:, and next in,


Firmware 20.11.2008
fw, changes see Revision 1.10
– new solutions of Repeater function
– Error log screen was added
– quickened processing of fragmented packets in Repeater caused the loss of compatibility:
– fw is not compatible with older fw 2.0.x.x, old fw should be replaced by a new 2.1.x.x


Firmware 25.9.2008
fw solves the mistakes:
– fragmentation error
– mistakes caused by receiving of corrupted packets – the good packet received after occurence of very weak packet was discarded
– new text design of the configuration page allows the http remote access to RE with refresh around 20 sec. for MR25

Firmware 3.9.2008
The fw was released for MR25, the last previous fw suitable for MR25 is fw 757.
FW has next limitations for MR25:
1) The Mobile mode is not applicable. The menu DGe is set to default state in the case of restart. The restart can occur accidentally during the operation. Thus the Mobile mode and Next hop mode contained in this menu are not applicable.
2) The fw module D can be downloaded in MR25ET using memcp.exe (service cable, ETH) or using “itl” and the module A, W. It is not possible use itl and D-RAM module (the module is transferred but not saved, ERR7 is generated).
3) The fw modules D,G,O can be downloaded in MCM302 using memcp.exe (service cable but not ETH) or using “itl” and the module W. It is not possible use itl and D-RAM. These modules are too large.
FW is aplicable for MR400 without restraint.

Removed bug – retransmitted packets discarding

Firmware 25.8.2008
fw for MR400 has corrected the older versions imperfections, previous recomended fw is and 7.57.
FW versions affected: 9.xx to
When a received packet passes the header CRC check and fails the data CRC check, it is correctly discarded. When the same packet is retransmitted and passes all CRC checks in the receiver, it is confirmed by an ACK packet and then wrongly discarded. Consequently it is not listed as a lost packet at the transmitting side. This bug may influence networks with very dense traffic and where long (100+ bytes) packets are frequently transmitted.

Modul B upgrade

Firmware 1.7.2008
Module B is changed between versions and It is necessary to upgrade Module B when the upgraded firmware gets over the fw from to and newer.

Netcnf characteristic

Utils 31.1.2008
Netcnf maintains also the CNI monitoring configuration including split setting, see Support/Utils/MORSE Utils/Setr.

Art tables

Firmware 31.1.2008
New Art items for MAS, see Support/Firmware/Setr-firmware/Ethernet/Parameters

Off line Setr

Utils 8.1.2008
Modem configuration file can be changed off line, i.e. radiomodem is not necessary to be connected while Setr with -af parameter is used. See Support/Utils/Setr.
The Netcnf with parameters -a1 -a2 compares the config files, with -ap draws out the cnf file in text format. See Support/Utils/Netcnf.

The Master/Slave terminology unifying

Protocols 12.7.2007
The Master/Slave protocols terminology in SETR program was unified to RADIOSLAVE/RADIOMASTER.The changes relate to protocols: AEG, ARITECH, COMLI, C24, HIRSCH, IEC, MDU, MININET, PR2000, RADOS, UNI.
Valid from Setr version

New FW ( and above) are not verified for MR25 stuff

Firmware 10.7.2007
New FW versions (FWs and above) are not going to be tested with MR25 stuff and for this reason will be not presented on our web pages.

DQ threshold substituted by RSS threshold

Firmware 10.4.2007
Since fw 8.05 RSS instead of DQ threshold is used while accessing RF channel.
This function is fully available from fw version

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