Simple Downloading using MEMCP


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2. Simple Downloading using MEMCP

The macro mr900_cbl_le.bat contained in the sw package, for example, is suitable for saving module E from the computer to the CU MR400 using the service cable.

For it to function it is necessary for the directory, where the macro mr900_cbl_le.bat is located, to contain the file memcp.exe, the auxiliary program starter.exe and the subdirectory fkl, containing the file ce10.fkl. If the setr.exe program is running, switch it off.

Start the macro


wait about 10 sec until a communication link is made and monitor the transfer of packets indicated by symbols ###. After transfer is complete switch off the download message using the Alt+F4 command and the module is ready for use in the CU.

Other macros containing mr900_cbl_… are used in the same way:


Below is a general description of the macro. For a more detailed definition see the article Chapter 3, Downloading firmware using Memcp. Macros for downloading individual modules:

starter memcp -nt5000 -nr20 -as8 -pS -af.\fkl\ce10.fkl -pb115200 %1 %2 %3
starter memcp -nt5000 -nr20 -as8 -pS -af.\fkl\cd10.fkl -pb115200 %1 %2 %3
starter memcp -nt5000 -nr20 -as8 -pS -af.\fkl\cg10.fkl -pb115200 %1 %2 %3
starter memcp -nt5000 -nr20 -as4 -pS -af.\fkl\cb10.fkl -pb19200 %1 %2 %3

program starter calls step-by-step the applications written in the batch file


calling the memcp program

-nt5000 -nr20

timeout and repeat for transmission through the network


length of transmitted packets


B-saver module active in the destination CU


signalling rate over service cable


calling source file ce10.fkl

%1 %2 %3

place for other possible parameters

When downloading various modules only the labelling of the source file ce10.fkl changes. For increased security when transmitting module B the length of the packet is shortened to -as4 and the signalling rate is reduced to -pb19200.

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