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2. Hardware

The Hardware menu is appointed for reading only. It contains the basic production data concerning the CU. From Main menu type He Enter Enter

HW data:
product (t)ype:MR400 su(b)type note:    
HW (v)ersion:3 s(u)bver:0
(s)erial:4837383 (h)ex:0049D007
prod date (d):11 (m):3 (y) 1970+:34
system (c)lock:66666667
de(f)ault (r)ead (w)rite
(I)nit (S)ync

Meaning of the menu items:

product (t)ype:

marking of the product type, e.g. MR400

su(b)type note:

possible additional information

HW (v)ersion:

main version number of the unit hardware


sub–version number of the CU hardware

(s)erial: 4837383

production serial number in the decimal form should be equal to the serial typed on the production label

(h)ex: 0049D007

production serial number in hex, it is also the MORSE address of the node 0

prod date

date of manufacture in the form day, month, year

system (c)lock

approximate frequency of main system clock (Hz), the exact value see the menu (s)ervice


This and next commands are not used it the Hardware menu. The valid values appear after restart or by using the command (r)ead


return one step back

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