Local Mode connection


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6. Local Mode connection

The local mode is used for the connection from an accessible (local or remote) CU with address xxxxxx0A to another CU xxxxxxxx. These CUs are connected via the SCC and MARS-A protocol (or via the phone modem and MARS-A). This mode is useful in cases where the non-configured CU xxxxxxxx is out of reach, but it can be connected to the SCC on CU xxxxxx0A with the help of an assistant.

Local mode in MARS-A protocol

Fig. 6.1: Local mode in MARS-A protocol

These CUs xxxxxx0A and xxxxxxxx must be connected via the serial crossed cable (rx,tx,GND) between ports, where there is the MARS-A protocol.

When different protocols to MARS-A are set-up in xxxxxxxx, then it is possible to connect the port on xxxxxx0A via a crossed cable to the service cable and this to the service connector on xxxxxxxx. The MARS-A protocol then sets itself up automatically. The address xxxxxxxx can be arbitrary.

The link output in CU xxxxxx0A and the routing table should be prepared:

Nid|address |M | u   s | L   N |l w n g|sTO Err  Cent vTO hTO
(0) 0049C067     -  S00| -  R00|0 0 0 0| 15 SERV  OFF 304  30
(1) 690F000A    S00 S00|S03 R01|1 0 0 0| 15 SERV  OFF 304  30

Choose a fictive address belonging to CU xxxxxxxx, here xxxxxx0B. Fill in the routing table in CU xxxxxx0A properly (and also in the possible CUs on the way from Setr to xxxxxx0A).

Local retab. No 1
0B to:0A  

Direct the user output in the SIe menu in xxxxxx0A to the node xxxxxx0A. Set NO AR in this channel.

(3) 0   NO AR         | 1   NO AR          usr OFF NONE

Set the local mode parameter in xxxxxx0A, SPe menu, MARS-A: (l)oc:ON

MARS-A parameters:
(a):1000ms  (r):5  (c)rc:OFF  (G)SM:0  no traffic t(i)meout:0sec
Opposite retranslation address:00000000
(l)oc:ON  loc (s)ource:00000000
(R)emote Access:OFF

Type !h0B Enter and send sts or a different setr command, but no ! command. The reply comes from xxxxxx0B and contains the source address xxxxxx0A.

Example – we have a standard connection from 690F0001 to 690F000A from where we call via the local mode to 690F000B:


u S00   690F0001    R01 
29/ 72  690F000A   serd 

 serd   690F000A    R01 
30/ 72  690F0001  u S00 



Now prepare the required configuration in xxxxxx0B including the address, which can be still arbitrary.

If we want to continue the connection via routing through SCC, then add the retranslation output from SCC to the node to xxxxxx0A :

(3) 1   NO AR         | 1   NO AR          usr OFF NONE

Switch off the local mode in CU xxxxxx0A, SPe 3t menu : (l)oc:OFF

If we have added the necessary routing configuration to the destination CU then we can continue by the standard no-local mode:


u S00   690F0001    R01 
29/ 71  690F000A    S03 
  S02   690F000B   serd 

 serd   690F000B    S02 
  S03   690F000A    R01 
29/ 71  690F0001  u S00 

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