Position of Mobile Station


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9. Position of Mobile Station

This captures the immediate position of the mobile station supplemented by several prior positions. The Loc layer can be inserted using icon Loc in menu Show>Map layers.

9.1. Mobile Station Map Menu

offers the new item:

  • Mobile loc – data for the displayed positions of mobile stations are contained in the table

9.2. Editor Configuration for Position of Mobile Station

Use command Mobile loc>Configure layer or Ctrl+E to draw up the following menus:

icon Sizemultiplier
icon Visible 
icon Col 
icon LCol 
line Thick 
line Col 
text Typetext Background color
text Visibletext Transparent
upTexttypetext Size Scr
upText Visiblesnake Len

New parameters:

  • icon Color – colour of prior positions

  • icon Last Color – color current positions of mobile station

  • line Thickness – thickness of connecting line

  • line Color – color of connecting line

  • snake Lenghth – number of latest positions of mobile station, which are displayed

9.3. Context Menu of Mobile Station Position

Only contains the location of cursors. Updating of positions is similar as for alarms. Individually using command Setup>Alarm>Alarm refresh or automatically using Setup>Alarm>Periodical alarm refresh.

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