Mobile Station Map


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8. Mobile Station Map

This captures the route of the mobile station according to the record stored in the database. Log layers are inserted using the Log icon in the menu Show>Map layers in similar way to inserting Rss layers.

8.1. Mobile Station Map Menu

contains the new item:

  • Mobile log – print out of the content of the database for a selected time interval

8.2. Editor Configuration for Mobile Map

Use the command Mobile map>Configure layer or Ctrl+E to draw up these menus:

icon Sizemultiplier
icon Visible 
icon Col 
line Thick 
line Col 
line Type 
text Typetext Background color
text Visibletext Transparent
up Texttypetext Size Scr
up Text Visible 

Meaning of parameters are the same as for the Rss editor. The following are new:

  • icon Color – colour of point line

  • line Thickness – thickness of connecting line line color

8.3. Context Menu of Mobile Station Map

Clicking on the Log symbol brings up a menu with a print out of general information about the point (address, speed and bearing of movement from previous point, altitude). Selecting “element data” brings up a print out out all information about the point. The “vstat” = vehicle status byte contains information about the status of inputs of the SEP unit or ADIO connected to the mobile station. The other 5 entries are bit information about the status of the CU. Direction of movement – the vector between two symbols represents movement from the initial edge to the middle of the target circle. The time interval for all images can be read and edited in the common menu Setup>Program configuration>Intervals.

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