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7. RSS map

This layer serves for studying terrain covered by the signal for mobile stations. A requirement is connection to the database where data about the operation of mobile stations is stored. For working with the RSS map (Received Signal Strength) a separate layer is used in menu Show>Map layers. Clicking on the Rss icon opens up the list of mobile stations in the database. On selecting one of them a menu for selecting the time interval opens, same as the one for setting alarms. In Rss mode the following message appears on the bar at the bottom right: <RSS> station (number of points):database@server [user]

7.1. Menu RSS Map

The menu contains the following new possibilities:

  • Interval Rss – setting of the initial and end time of records from the database

  • Interval Rss Min/Max – end time points contained in the database

  • Rss records – print out of the content of the database for a selected time interval

7.2. Editor Configuration for Rss Maps

Use command RSS map>Configure layer or Ctrl+E to draw up the following menu:

ElementRss colorDQ colorBase colorMiscell.
icon Size00base 1multiplier
icon Visible7010base 2 
text Type8015base 3txt Back
text Visible9020 txt Transp
upTexttype10025 txt SizeScr
src Col12030  
  • The size and visibility of the icon, and visibility of the upper and lower text are set in the Element column. The numerical value of Rss or DQ or the address of the current base station can be selected as the type of text. Src col gives the choice of according to which parameter the symbol colour will be set – according to the value of Rss or DQ or according to the address of the base station. On selecting “none” symbols will be black.

  • Menu Rss color defines the Rss band and colour which it is represented by on the Rss map. It is possible to change the number of bands using commands “+” and ““, boundary values of Rss (double-clicking on the value) and colour (double-clicking on the colour).

  • Menu DQ colour similarly defines the DQ (Data Quality) band and their colours.

  • Menu Base color allows a list of used bases to be entered and their respective colours defined. Editing begins here by adding an empty row using command “+“.

  • Menu Miscell. contains known common parameters for the size and visibility of symbols.

7.3. Rss Map Context Menu

Clicking on the Rss symbol brings up a brief message with general point parameters (address of mobile station, Rss, DQ, address of base station through which the mobile station is available). The selection “element data” provides a whole set of information about the given point.

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