Radio Módem


Michal Čech

RipEX, 400 MHz
Water distribution
Migration from legacy network
Robustness, Reliability, Flexibility
Direct remote-to-remote communication
More than 50 sites

Irrigation, Italy

Michal Čech

RipEX, RipEX-HS, 432 MHz
Irrigation & Security management
Two control centers
Flexible protocol
Solar powering – Sleep mode
Back up routes
Over 100 remote sites

Veolia, Lyon

Michal Čech

RipEX, 400 MHz
Water distribution
Modbus TCP
Autospeed functionality
TCP proxy
AES256 encryption
PtP and PtMP, Robust NLOS

Train management, Chile

Michal Čech

MR400, 160 MHz, Integrated GPS
Train fleet & crossing zones management
Remote desert installation, +50 °C
Multiple Ethernet and Serial applicatons
Mobile roaming protocol on Radio channel
180 km single track railway
3 repeaters for inclusive coverage

Airbus, France

Michal Čech

RipEX, 400 MHz
Installed in electric aircraft
Air to Air
Air to Ground
Real time data transfer
35 km air-to-air, 10 cm antennas
Crossing English Channel

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