New leadership at RACOM


The process ‘the handover of the company’s management to a new generation‘ which has been underway at RACOM for several years was formally completed in March.

After considering various possibilities, the owners and key people in the company’s management concluded that the best option would be when Marek Bobula, David Marek, Vít Koutenský and Bohumil Sobotka continue to lead the company together. In terms of hierarchy, they are all at the same level and the management of RACOM is without the position of CEO.

The new directors will jointly manage the overall strategy and long-term direction of the company. They are individually responsible for these areas in the day-to-day management of the company:

Marek Bobula — Development and Technology
David Marek — Sales and Marketing
Vít Koutenský — People and Internal processes of the company
Bohumil Sobotka — Production, Finance and Infrastructure

The founders of RACOM, Jiří Hruška and Martin Lácha, are not leaving the company. They work part-time on specific projects: Jiri in SW development, Martin in marketing. If the new management would like, they are always ready to give their opinion and view on the issues they will be dealing with. Bohumil Sobotka, the youngest of the former managing directors, remains in the same position as before and, among other things, ensures the continuity of the former and new management.

Jiri and Martin say: «We are happy that the new management was created from our colleagues who have been working at RACOM for many years. We believe that we are handing over the fate of the company into good hands. We wish the new managing directors the best of luck and thank them for their courage and willingness to take on the responsibility.» 

The General Meeting of Owners, as the supreme body of the company, on 26 March 2024 formally confirmed the above and agreed that RACOM will have four managing directors from 1 April 2024: Marek Bobula, David Marek, Vít Koutenský and Bohumil Sobotka.

This step does not change anything significant for the day-to-day running of the company.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed together that RACOM runs as well or better and for at least as long as before with the new management.

On behalf of the old and new management
David, Bohumil, Vít, Martin, Jiří, Marek

David, Bohumil, Vít, Martin, Jiří, Marek
(on photo from left to right)

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