RAy in Manhattan



  • RAy3, 24 GHz
  • WISP in NYC
  • Crowded area
  • Interference tolerant
  • Backhaul link
  • Manhattan to Bronx
  • 4 km, 1 Gb/s

RACOM has been working diligently to penetrate the US market with its microwave links since 2016. It has succeeded to a greater extent in this most demanding market in 2022 with RAy3 for the 24 and 18 GHz bands with 1 Gbps speed.

Much of the credit for this goes to our partner Alliance Corporation, one of our distributors and partners for the US and Canada. Alliance is one of the largest suppliers to the WISP market. Its customers include Xchange Telecom, which among other things operates Skywire Networks, one of the largest Internet providers in New York City.

Most people don’t realize that broadband density in New York City, the largest city in the world, is lower than in Lagos, Nigeria, for example. Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens are often called NYC’s digital deserts because so few commercial buildings are equipped with fiber optics or quality broadband.

In most places in Manhattan, it is impossible to install fiber optic cables underground, so broadband is mostly handled wirelessly over microwave links. This leads to extreme utilization of the radio spectrum and enormous interference, especially in unlicensed bands such as 24 GHz.

Skywire Networks also faces occupancy and interference in the 24 GHz band. They have tried various vendors over the years looking for a trusted equipment vendor with products that would be robust and operate reliably in the crowded skies of Manhattan.

At the recommendation of Alliance, they tested the RAy3-24 and were convinced by the results. The RAy reliably transferred 1 Gbps in locations where other links were failing. The customer also appreciates the asymmetric channel option, which allows maximum spectrum utilization even when part of the bandwidth is used by other links or interfered.

This RAy link from the Central Park area to Bronx is now one of many that have been deployed throughout several boroughs of NYC by Skywire. The RAy is now an integral part of their ever growing network.

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