Ripplecom, Ireland



  • RAy, 17, 18 & 24 GHz
  • Service provider in Ireland
  • Backhaul & Last mile
  • Corporates & Private
  • 100 links by 2017
  • Easy configuration
  • Resistance to disturbances

Ripplecom operates the largest fixed wireless network in Ireland. It is a Limerick-based technology solutions provider, delivering broadband, voice and other IT services to business and private customers. Ripplecom combines industry expertise with their leading network technologies to provide complete and tailored business solutions for connectivity, voice, security and data backup that help drive business growth. In 2017 Ripplecom’s network is providing services to 2,000 business and 4,000 private households with customer numbers growing continuously.

Ripplecom uses RAy microwave links as part of its product portfolio since 2015 and by end 2017 had about 100 links installed. The links are mainly used for Backhaul of Fixed Wireless Access Sectors, facilitating the delivery of dedicated synchronous bandwidth to corporate customers. Renowned for its exceptional system gain and resistance to disturbances, RAy provides a perfect solution for this type of application. In some instances the links are also used for high speed last mile connections.

RAy microwave units excel in their technical parameters, professional design, exceptional reliability and quality. However, Ripplecom’s field engineers like working with this unit because of another feature of the product. They really like RACOM RAy microwave units because they are so easy to configure and set up compared with other products in the Microwave space.

They are quoted as saying RAy was clearly designed with engineers in mind which makes it much easier and faster to roll out.”

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