CFE, Mexico



  • RipEX, RipEX-HS400 MHz
  • Power distribution
  • Mass interference on pole mountings
  • Underground installations
  • 2 COM’s with DNP3 concurrently on remotes
  • Over 10.000 remote sites
  • Press release, Case study

Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission, Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), the state owned electric utility company of Mexico, issued a tender in July 2012 for the radio communication backbone of its SCADA system, which controls the power distribution in the Mexico City area. The company slogan ‘A World Class Company’ ensured the tender document was written to a very precise level, only considering the top manufacturers globally for inclusion in the tender.

Based on the global reputation of the product and service levels offered by RACOM, RipEX was included on the tender list and proved to be the only product to meet customer requirements in full, successfully passing the strictest selection criteria, from among all the mainstream competitors in the industry.

The RipEX radio modem proved to be the optimal solution for CFE for both commercial and technical reasons. The communication system has been designed to utilize two serial interfaces at remote sites, one for data acquisition and the second for RTU management, while all the acquired data are concentrated via Ethernet in the control center. All features of RipEX met or surpassed the functional requirements within the tender, especially the anti-collision protocol.

Such has been the unqualified success of RipEX within CFE SCADA networks, its use has now been expanded to networks beyond the Mexico City area; it is now (2019) used in 11 of their 16 divisions. More recently, CFE engineers have also chosen to use RipEX within their Smartgrid applications, such are the capabilities and versatility of this radio modem.

As part of strategic renewal and upgrading of infrastructure, CFE has already planned for continued expansion and a commitment to use RipEX radios within its networks. This in itself proves that RipEX is indeed a best-in-class radio modem renowned for overall data throughput.

RipEX is continuously delivered to CFE and till now 10.000 units have been ordered. This is the best confirmation that RACOM is really an expert in future-proof design and RipEX is is indeed a best-in-class radio modem renowned for its ‘best performance in any environment’.

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