Control and diagnostics


All MORSE system components are managed in unified manner by a dedicated set of utility programs (for Windows/Linux OS), supplied free of charge by RACOM. These programs can be connected to arbitrary interface to the MORSE network, i.e. any serial port or Ethernet port of any device, and immediately all the devices in the network are available for configuration and diagnostics.

Features and services accessible through the utility programs:

  • radio part parameters (frequency, power, modulation rate…) in radio modems
  • RF channel protocol and routing parameters (addresses, parameters for access to the radio channel, routing tables…)
  • user interface parameters (serial and Ethernet ports, user protocols parameters)
  • system diagnostics (overall status of equipment, real time, error messages, memory usage …)
  • real-time monitoring of communication (data on the radio channel, serial ports and Ethernet)
  • statistic data (information on the number and size of transmitted/received packets, number of repeated/lost packets on individual links, signal quality from neighbouring radio modems, interference level, etc.)
  • built-in tests (deep diagnostics of a particular radio link, Bit-error-rate measurements, Round-trip response test, simulation of application load of various types, etc.)
  • download and upload (the complete device configuration can be saved to a file and restored)
  • security lock (access to configuration can be protected against unauthorised use)
  • and many others

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