The Water Services Corporation of Malta (WSC) is wholly responsible for the complete water cycle, from production and supply to its safe disposal throughout the islands. As a key part of their environmental policy they are dedicated to the effective and efficient use and re-use of water. This approach reduces the energy consumption required to produce water and treat waste water, through use of equipment and technology that is as environmentally friendly as possible. In practical monitoring and management terms, this requires a network that can offer maximum capacity and response time.

RipEX provided an optimal solution to operate SCADA’s for both potable and waste water within one SCADA network, offering sufficient capacity, speed and reliability with ease of management and maintenance. RipEX also proved to be outstanding in terms of data throughput, anti-collision on the radio channel and network uptime, complemented by back up routes, and the quality and reliabilityof the hardware implemented. The network parameters chosen surpassed the desired requirement for capacity and response times.

Thanks to the use of common IP standards within RipEX, WSC engineers were able to install and configure the SCADA network independently. Ing. Antoine Psaila, Head of the SCADA team in WSC, commented afterward: “The setting up of the radio network was a learning experience for us since we are doing it in-house. At the beginning we were surprised how easy it was to configure the RipEX, even remotely. Then the unique diagnostic and monitoring tools were found to be really useful in practice. For example, the ability to provide a real time view of raw data packet transfer helped us a lot”.

During a training visit to RACOM headquarters to resolve SCADA integration issues and Back Up routes using specialised features of RipEX, WSC representatives were also impressed by the in-house approach used by RACOM for manufacture, the detailed QA and inspection models used throughout the process and the levels of customer support which have helped confirm their choice of manufacturer for this project.


  • MR400, 400 MHz
  • Water distribution
  • Multiple applications
  • Siemens Simatic 7, Siemens 95U
  • MARS-A, Siemens 3964R protocols
  • Polling & Report-by-exception
  • 1 simplex 25 kHz channel, over 100 sites

The MORSE system in BVK proves that it is possible to run several independent applications on a single radio frequency simultaneously. The radio network is used here for the transmission of telemetry information and also as a communication network for a security system. The chief benefit of this solution are the savings made by not having to build an additional communication network for the security system. The network is supervised remotely from RACOM headquarters via Internet.

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