RACOM in Egypt


Power distribution network in Egypt is being upgraded extensively, including the installation of smart meters. The project, with a total value of approximately EUR 150 million, is being financed by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) and is being implemented in three state-owned distribution companies serving more than 10 million connection points:
AEDC – Alexandria Electricity Distribution Company
NCEDC – North Cairo Electricity Distribution Company
NDEDC – North Delta Electricity Distribution Company

Due to the scale of the project, which involves connecting hundreds of thousands of smart meters to the system and upgrading the management of the entire distribution network, the selection of individual devices took almost two years. After a lot of studies and testing, RACOM’s RipEX2 radio modems were selected for data communication on private radio networks.

Together with the general contractors for each area, Siemens and Elsewedy, we designed the radio networks to connect the individual locations and together proposed the communication method of the connected devices and its setup.

Everything had to be tested and approved by representatives of the investor and the end users before sending the equipment to Egypt. We are happy to inform that both FATs (Factory Acceptance Test) with Elsewedy and Siemens were successful.

We were able to conduct the FAT with Elsewedy remotely in February 2023, with representatives from Elsewedy, JICA and NCEDC joining and monitoring everything online.

The second FAT with Siemens took place in August 2023 at RACOM’s headquarters, with representatives from Siemens Egypt, JICA, AEDC and Xceltra, our partner in Egypt, providing on-site installation and servicing. The whole FAT was really comprehensive and took three days. Everything went well and the final report was signed without any comments.

The first 200 pcs of radio modems, some of them in hot-standby version, can therefore be shipped to Egypt during August and September, including antennas and other accessories.

We delivered the first radio modems to Egypt in 2005. We are pleased that our hard work in this market has now paid off and our radio modems are part of such a large and important project.

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