Focus On The Americas


RACOM is fully committed to supporting the Americas having dedicated resources to establish the infrastructure needed for this expansive and diverse market. We always enjoy the challenge of proving the reliability and robustness of our products and North and South America are continents that provide these extreme challenges with high mountain ranges, great plains, deserts, jungles and expansive artic regions. From the North of Canada to Argentina and Chile in the South, our Radio modems, Cellular routers and Microwave radios are meeting customers’ requirements and providing solutions, working in the background for the benefit of everyone.

RACOM places special emphasis on the close and lasting relationships we enjoy with our partners. We look at all potential opportunities and make decisions based on a number of criteria to ensure partners are right for RACOM and RACOM are right for our partners. Over a number of years we have developed an extensive partner network and can proudly say we are represented in over 90% of the countries that make up the Americas. These partners are serviced by six RACOM staff members supporting the North and South American markets. Five of these colleagues serve the Commercial needs of the market while the 6th is a specialist Support Engineer based in Lima, Peru.

Many of our customers have made the trip to our HQ in Czech Republic for product training and to visit our facility. Our own Technical Support team is no stranger to the Americas having made a number of trips to deliver onsite training for new applications we have supported. And now that we have a specialist Support engineer based in Peru, we are in a position to offer even higher levels of support in the field, to our partners and end-users throughout the region.

Since releasing our latest products over the last eighteen months, RACOM has successfully gained homologation with all the key authorities, ensuring our products meet all standards required to be used in the Americas and Canada. This ensures the market has full access to the latest state-of-the-art, best-in-class technology. Your regional Sales manager will be able to advise details of accreditations specific to your country.

RipEX’s reputation for reliability, performance and robustness is proving well founded as is the ability to operate over long distances and using low power options in many applications.

Our RAy microwave radios are attracting ever increasing levels of interest and customer benefits such as Asymmetric channels, Resistance to interference and ease of installation and management make them the optimal solution in many situations.

RACOM specialized Migration and Hybrid solutions have also been helping end users upgrade their networks and provide optimal solutions for now and in to the future.

In Mexico, the state owned electric utility company operates the largest RipEX network in the world and our Radio modems are also operating effectively in SCADA networks for other utility companies in smaller applications throughout the continents. Our products support flood protection systems in the Amazon basin and in the Andes Mountains and provide exceptional capacity for data transmissions in applications underground.

As we continue to develop a deeper understanding of the needs of the local markets throughout the Americas, now and for the future, we can confidently say the Americas will continue to be an extremely important market for RACOM.

Please contact us for more information about our products or how best to meet specific requirements in your area of operation.

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