License-Free 10 GHz in Czechia


The Czech Telecommunications Office recently reviewed and updated General Authorisation No. 14 governing the conditions of operation for the license-free 10 GHz band. From 1st July 2020 it will be possible to use a 56 MHz channel, i.e. RAy Microwave links can now operate at their full speed of 360 Mbps.

The 10 GHz free-band is very popular in Czech Republic especially for longer hops. With the option of a wider channel, it will be even more attractive. 56 MHz now provides the opportunity to double the capacity of backbone connections which will result in lower overall costs for the provider.

The popularity of 10 GHz means many sites have high occupancy and only equipment like RAy with high resistance to interference works reliably on these busy sites.

RACOM is happy to be part of this continued revolution to improve backhauls and high speed last miles for Telco operators and ISP’s throughout Czech Republic.

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