RipEX overcomes extreme frosts


This year Jizerska 50,  part of the Visma Ski Classic series – long distance, cross country ski championships and where RipEX radio modems are used to transfer the split times during online TV broadcasting was extremely challenging!

Temperatures fell to -20 oC during the week before the competition and during the race was -15. There was also much more snow than normal.

Since the terrain for the race is hilly with no direct communication from split time points to the center, two extra repeaters must be built.

The equipment for transmitting split times must be hand carried to the installation points, up very steep slopes of more than 100 altitude meters that could only be climbed sideways on skis or snowshoes. At the top there is then the task of installing the equipment at the top of 30 meter lattice masts; Not easy, especially in windy conditions and such low temperatures!

Despite the challenges and extreme weather conditions, the network was commissioned well within the set deadline and the RipEX radio modems worked well, providing the levels of performance and reliability that our customers have come to expect from all RACOM products.

All split times were successfully relayed providing televiewers perfect information about the progress of the race.

We look forward to the 5 year anniversary of our cooperation at this event next year!

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