LEAX-RAy antennas


Leax Arkivator Telecom and RACOM, both renowned for having excellent technical parameters in their products, have recently agreed a strategic partnership, to combine these parameters and offer an end to end link of the highest quality.

Leax will produce Class 3 antennas with direct mounting of RAy Microwave units. Additionally, Leax are keen to support current and future RACOM development to produce antennas specifically designed to offer the optimal solution for end to end links.

RAy’s efficient use of the spectrum on narrow channels, exceptional system gain and resistance to interference using a unique filter system, coupled with LEAX-RAy Class 3 antennas’ excellent side lobe suppression, low cross polarisation and high antenna gain offer unique new opportunities to the market. The compact size of both the RAy & LEAX-RAy antenna further adds to the appeal of this solution on busy sites.

Feel free to read details about LEAX-Ray antennas here.

This strategic partnership provides ideal solutions for ISPs’ and other users of microwave units. Ever increasing demands for wireless communications result in pressure on noise and electromagnetic smog resistance on equipment used. An antenna site becoming overcrowded with devices only makes the problem worse. In such situations, only a very high quality compact device with extreme interference immunity will provide an acceptable solution.

The market is always looking for improved end to end performance on a link – We provide it!

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