RACOM Newsletter 03/2024



March 2024

We would like to share our latest news with you.

Cellular router M!DGE3e

The new model of our world-famous Cellular Router M!DGE3 has been launched in March. The M!DGE3e is based on the same platform as our flagship M!DGE3, but we’ve thoughtfully stripped out some features to make it more affordable. More information can be found here.

New website

Our website is updated every day, but in March we launched an upgraded version that runs on the latest CMS system, so the site is significantly faster. We modified the overall design and made the structure and navigation clearer.

New logo

As part of the redesign of the website, a small evolutionary change of our logo was made. The font itself has changed only slightly, the bat icon has been modified more. It is now square and better suits the current requirements for displaying on mobile phones.

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