RACOM Newsletter 09/2023



September 2023

We would like to share our latest news with you.

RACOM prefers the way of maximum self-sufficiency, so we are equipped with cutting-edge technologies for the production of our products. We also offer free capacities in our production to other companies, which have a unique opportunity to use our equipment and thirty years of experience.

We have launched a new website, where you can find out everything about our Contract manufacturing and EMS possibilities.

PCB Assembly

In our SMT center in Blansko we have six pick-and-place machines, all kinds of solderingautomatic optical inspection3D X-ray and other top equipment. We have been assembling our own boards with SMD and THT components since 1997 and we will be happy to share our experience when you design your boards.

Mechanical production

In our new, fully air-conditioned, production hall completed in 2022, we have CNC machining and other equipment for cuttinggrindingultrasonic washinglasering, etc. We are experts in precision machining of aluminium, having manufactured microwave units for 15 years, where parts with extreme precision requirements are at the possible limits of machining techniques.

Electronic Production

In our electronic production, we manufacture thousands of equipment for wireless data transfer per year, which are among the world’s top. For companies that have had PCBs assembled by us, we are also able to offer, within our spare capacity, their commissioning and completion of entire products.

If you have any questions or request a quote, please contact us.

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