RACOM Newsletter 10/2020



October 2020

Today we would like to share with you a few success stories

CRA, Czech Republic

Many Telco operators around the world are using RAy as its Microwave link of choice. Czech Radiocommunications (CRA) is the next nationwide operator in Czech Republic who included RAy into their portfolio  after a long tendering process, because RAy3 strongly outperformed its competitors on technical specifications.
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Sea Environment, Kuwait

RipEX radio modem was selected as ideal communication equipment for the system which monitors the pollution in Kuwait’s coastal waters. It was the only radio modem that could meet all criteria of the Environmental Public Authority of Kuwait and provide a 24/7 reliable service in a harsh maritime climate.
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Cableways, France, Czech Republic

Passenger security on funicular railways and gondolas in the mountains is always a top priority. It is no coincidence then that operators of cableways in France and Czech Republic both selected the same RipEX radio modem for communication systems while improving security and reliability of passenger transportation.
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Transport Management, Czech Republic

The machinery used in the manufacture of concrete railway sleepers creates high levels of interference for wireless communications. As control of transport between workshops requires maximum reliability from the devices used and high levels of resistance to interference it is little wonder that RipEX provided the optimal solution in such an application.
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