Newsletter September 2019



September 2019

CFE Mexico – the success continues

• Latest tender for 1100 units awarded to RipEX
• 800 units already delivered in 2019
• 6.000 units in total from 2012
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Video commentary

We have added ‘voice over commentary’ describing key features in the new videos for our flagship products:

Product Overview Leaflets

To accompany the new videos we have produced Product Overviews that introduce our flagship products using non-technical language and listing key customer benefits. The documents are available for download on the product pages within the website:

RAy3 17 GHz

RAy3 is now available for 17 GHz band. Full details are listed on the website and data sheet.

Shows in the autumn

We would be pleased to meet you at our booths either at Automa or Wispapalooza.

If you have any questions or request a quote, please contact us.

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