2019 Partner Update


We are very grateful to our partners for the important role they play in our continued success and as ever, a huge thank you to everyone for promoting our products.

RACOM works hard to develop strong relationships with partners and is known for its unique support mechanisms. We are also happy to attend events to support partners whenever possible and further develop relationships.

All our support materials are developed with partners in mind. Most recently, voice overs and product overviews have been published to complement product videos, highlighting key benefits our products offer the market. New Hybrid network and Data speed info sheets have also been produced in response to market demand.

In 2019 we have expanded our international footprint appointing new partners. A new Sales manager has been appointed to cover Russia and the surrounding region, based out of Moscow. An additional Sales manager has been appointed in Peru to provide further support in South and Central America and a Support Engineer has also been appointed to cover the LATAM region.

Of course, none of what we do is important unless the effort can be converted into sales. Again, our partners have excelled, winning major projects and securing sizeable orders for our products across the world.

In 2019 we have had success in UK for a primary Scada Network for a major utility company comprising a few hundreds of RipEX2 and M!DGE2 units in a hybrid network; an excellent example of design cooperation between partner, end user and Support team from RACOM. Also of special note is a unique project we are involved in on the Orkney Islands in Northern United Kingdom. RAy is being used to provide backhaul links for 5G tests that are ongoing. We have had big wins in Mexico with over 2000 RipEX units, a large expansion of a M!DGE network in Vietnam with an few hundreds units to be added and our long lasting relationship with Czech police has resulted in orders of over 3000 RipEX units. The list of other success stories is simply too long to list here.

Meanwhile our Sales managers are busy supporting partners in live tenders around the world and have every confidence many of these will be converted into orders in 2020.

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