RAy Tools App


As most customers are aware, access to RAy and RipEX is already available via Wifi/USB adapters. Resulting from positive feedback received from the market and RACOM’s reputation for setting trends, these and other tools for our products are being introduced to the market as mobile phone applications.

RAy Tools is the first of these and Antenna Alignment, the first tool.

Just leave your laptop and voltmeter at home when you go to adjust your antennas!

Antenna Alignment key features:

  • Simple intuitive interface
  • Displays 4 key values [RSS & SNR for each end of the link]
  • Selected value enlarged and shown in the centre of the display
  • Selected value indicated acoustically

The RAy Tools App is supported from RAy fw and is available for download on Google Play. iOS and Windows mobile versions will follow soon.

RAy Tools can access the link configuration web interface and can also perform a basic link availability calculation

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