Webinar ‘MR400 to RipEX2’


RACOM is actively bringing new ways to stay in touch with its partners and customers regardless of the Covid situation. One of these opportunities was the Webinar ‘MR400 Radio SCADA Network Upgrade to RipEX2’ organized on April 22, 2021.

The MR400 radio modem is a legendary product proving its qualities for over 15 years in countless applications, but life and technology advance further. The RipEX2, the latest RACOM flagship radio modem, is now in the game.

All requirements for state-of-the-art radio modems are implemented in the RipEX2 using 30 years of RACOM experiences in this field. It’s not only about data speed and overall network throughput, but also about a whole new set of requirements brought by the current complex approach to the design of SCADA networks as top security features, advanced IP routing or responsive and intuitive user interface.

The Webinar explained a process of smooth gradual migration to a new generation of radio without any outages, issues or extra hardware cost.

On top of a general description, the participants were offered a real case study based on the successful migration of a medium sized network (100+ sites) in a mission-critical environment of a water utility company in the Czech Republic performing with excellent results.

RACOM also introduced its ‘MR400 return free’ program, when old MR400 units are returned to RACOM. RACOM takes responsibility for the ecological disposal and issue a certificate.

The webinar was originally planned for participants from Europe, so it was scheduled at 10 AM Central European Time. But the topic was so attractive that we finally had about 200 participants from 35 countries around the whole globe. This means that participants from Australia listened to the webinar in the evening and others from Ecuador got up at 3 o’clock in the morning.

For those, who were unable to attend the webinar in real time, the full recording is accessible on RACOM YouTube channel.

We are looking forward to future opportunities for face-to-face meetings with our friends, partners and customers, but until then we will be actively searching for further opportunities to meet you at least digitally. Stay safe!

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