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6. Installation

6.1. Mounting

M!DGE/MG102i Wireless Router is designed for a DIN rail mounting or on a panel using flat bracket. Please consider the safety instructions in Chapter 10, Safety, environment, licensing.

6.2. Antenna mounting

M!DGE/MG102i Wireless Routers will only operate reliably over the GSM network if there is a strong signal. For many applications the flexible stub antenna provided would be suitable but in some circumstances it may be necessary to use a remote antenna with an extended cable to allow the antenna itself to be positioned so as to provide the best possible signal reception. RACOM can supply a range of suitable antennas.

Beware of the deflective effects caused by large metal surfaces (elevators, machine housings, etc.), close meshed iron constructions and choose the antenna location accordingly. Fit the antenna or connect the antenna cable to the GSM antenna connector.

In external antennas the surge protection of coaxial connection would be required.


Be sure that the antenna was installed according to the recommendation by the antenna producer and all parts of the antenna and antenna holder are properly fastened.

6.3. Power supply

MG102i can be powered with an external power source capable of voltages from 10 to 55 Volts DC. MG102i should be powered using a certified (CSA or equivalent) power supply, which must have a limited and SELV circuit output.

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