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Revision History

Revision History
Revision 2.02011-11-07 

First issue

Revision 2.12011-12-22 

Appendix F, Https certificate

Revision 2.22013-01-16 

Acoustic indication cancelled.
Adding data of MTU.
Supplemented Station description-location: Settings, Status.
Conditions of liability for defects (outer connector).
Updated the table Modulations and frequencies, Measured Values

Revision 2.32013-05-27 

Addition of antennas that are used

Revision 2.42013-06-20 

Preface – Important Notice
Preface – List of documentation
Paragraph – Warranty

Revision 2.52013-10-10 

Basic technical parameters
Technical parameters tables
Ordering codes
Grounding installation
Printscreen changes

Revision 2.62014-02-17 

Supplemented by ACM switching diagram

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