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7. RAy Tools app for Mobile devices

RAy Tools is a stand alone application designed to perform link management, is optimised for use on mobile devices with smaller displays and especially in challenging conditions.

RAy Tools supports the following functions:

  • Link Calculation – to calculate or verify the link budget

  • Antenna Alignment – provide measurement of RSS and SNR for fast antenna alignment

  • Link Management – standard web based unit management

7.1. Menu options


        iOS version

        Android version


Can be used in conjunction with all RACOM microwave products and compatible antennas. Available parameters to input that affect link budget are:

  • Modulation

  • Throughput

  • Tx Power

  • Link distance

  • Antenna specifications

Ray Tools calculation outputs are:

  • Free Space Loss (FSL)

  • 1st Fresnel Zone radius

  • RSS

  • Sensitivity

  • Fade margin (shown to be acceptable/marginal/inadequate)


The calculation assumes a clear line of sight and makes no allowance for precipitation. A more accurate calculation can be performed using the tool available on RACOM web pages (see
https://www.racom.eu/eng/products/microwave-link.html#calculation). Precise link calculation should be performed using dedicated tools (e.g. Pathloss).

 Antenna Alignment Tool is accessed using this menu. See Section 5.6.2 Live data for description.

Links to web management of RAy unit. User authentication is required.

 This item shows the application version and its Release notes.

If gloves are used it is strongly recommended to activate smartphone option for “work in gloves”, which increase the sensitivity of touch screen display (quite common option for modern smartphones).

7.2. Application availability

RAy Tools application version 2.xx requires RAy2 unit with firmware version or later.

RAy Tools version 2.xx or later is available for mobile operating systems Android (Google compatible devices) and iOS (Apple devices). All display sizes are supported on both operating systems. Android version can be downloaded from Google Play (https://play.google.com/store), iOS version is available for download on AppStore (https://www.apple.com/ios/app-store) or their local versions.


RAy Tools application contains an automatic crash report feature; Firebase tool is used to report the crash. Any data transmitted is for the exclusive use of RACOM developers to analyse the problem. It will not be used in any other way by Apple, Google, Firebase or RACOM.

7.3. Feedback to RACOM

Any feedback for this application is welcome. Please contact us on email address:

We would also like to hear from any who would like to become a beta tester of upcoming versions of RAy Tools.

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