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2. Accessories

RACOM offers a complete set of accessories to operate RAy microwave units in all relevant use-cases and environments. All accessories are selected and thoroughly tested by RACOM for compatibility and are guaranteed to function with RAy units. There are only a very few accessories which has to be purchased from RACOM to work properly – e.g. WiFi adapters (the reason is limited set of WiFi drivers in RAy FW). Such an information is always part of accessory description. With most types of accessories it is possible to use other components with same or similar functionality and temperature range, but RACOM cannot guarantee they will be completely compatible with RAy units.

All accessories are listed on Accessories section of RAy web site and they are available for purchase in RACOM E-shop.


It is strongly recommended to double-check the main voltage and local installation standards before purchasing accessories to ensure they comply with the accessory specifications and that all safety regulations are complied with.

In particular, we recommend that you consult your local specialists for grounding, voltage spikes, overvoltage protection and other equipment, ensuring a proper installation. For more information see Section 4.5, “Grounding and overvoltage protection”.

Units and accessories should be installed by trained professionals (see Section 10.3, “Professional installation”).

The warranty does not apply to units damaged by voltage spikes or surges (see Section 10.6, “Warranty”).

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