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1. Quick guide

RipEX2-HS serves as a redundant station equipped with two standard RipEX2 radio modems using a hot standby functionality. All you have to do to put it into operation is to connect properly all connectors and configure internal RipEX2 units using a PC and a web browser.


Fig. 1.1: RipEX2-HS

To configure RipEX2 units please see RipEX2 Configuration


RipEX2 access defaults: IP, username: admin, password: admin or IP when accessing over the optional USB/ETH adapter or Wifi adapter.

Power on the RipEX2-HS and wait approx. for 25 seconds for the RipEX2 OS to boot. When accessing over the optional USB/ETH adapter or Wifi adapter, your PC will get its IP settings from the built-in DHCP server and you have to type in your browser.

When accessing over Ethernet, set a static IP 192.168.169.x/24 on your PC first, connect your PC to RipEX2 ETH interface, start your browser and type in the address line. When accessing RipEX2 for the first time and using https, you have to accept the https security certificate issued by RACOM.


Both RipEX2 units are in factory default settings.

1.1. RipEX2-HS establishing connection

  • Switch RipEX2-HS to manual mode and switch on unit A

  • Turn of Unit B

  • Configure Unit A (see RipEX2 configuration)

  • Download the configuration of Unit A and turn it off

  • Turn on Unit B and upload the configuration (originally downloaded from Unit A)

    • Rewrite station name

    • Chassis position

    • mngmt address

  • Turn on Unit A

  • Switch back to Auto mod